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How do you deal with a miscarriage? Having not experienced one, my only experience is from numerous friends who have had to and I know how it has long term effects. Sadly, it is yet another ‘issue’ that as a society we don’t talk about openly yet 1 in 4 babies just don’t make it. Here on the Fertility Podcast I am in a privileged position to be able to talk to people who are willing to share their own struggles in an attempt to help you.

In June 2016, as you’ll know if you’ve been following this podcast I was involved in Fertility Fest  and since then have been reaching out to people who have contacted me from the event. In this episode you will hear from Julia Bueno a psychotherapist in London and Lizzie Lowrie who writes a blog called Saltwater and Honey 

Julia Bueno, Psychotherapist and counsellor

Julia Bueno, Psychotherapist and counsellor

Both women have had to deal with recurrent miscarriage and share their stories and their wisdom on how to manage your grief. I hope that listening to how they have moved on, marked their grief and continue to talk about miscarriage helps you.

Just click on the links above to read more about both Julia and Lizzie and you can like Salt Water and Honey’s facebook page here

Items mentioned in this podcast:

  • Dealing with grief and the support available in the following places
  • The Miscarriage Association 
  • Tommy’s
  • Petals 
  • Marking your grief with a memorial
  • How men cope with miscarriage
  • Managing work when you have had a miscarriage
  • Moving on

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