Whilst going through fertility treatment, being patient is a given. I forgot just how challenging this was at the time, but was reminded yesterday from a friend who is currently going through her cycle. Her first attempt at down regulations drugs didn’t work and she was quite understandably getting anxious. Now she’s text to tell me that they’ve worked and she’s awaiting the go – ahead on the next stage, the ‘uppers’… I told her to go and treat herself, my first piece of advice during your treatment. Be kind to yourself.

I’m waiting to speak to a lady who is going through her second round of IVF and  has been tweeting her journey as @whaththeivf  We’ll be chatting in December when she’s know’s the outcome. In the meantime though have a read of how she’s feeling. It’s so important to give yourself some kind of outlet when you’re going through treatment. I kept a daily  journal (I’m old school too! ) which has helped me write blog posts here, but more importantly, the friend I mentioned earlier. We met for afternoon tea before she started her treatment and I  could go through my dates, with different entries  and answer her questions. It felt good to be there for her and to be able to help her out.

We’ve talked a lot about getting  support on the fertility podcast. If you’ve not had chance to – do listen to Kate Brian and Jessican Hepburn, two ladies I have met on twitter and interviewed for The Fertility Podcast Both blog and speak often to the press about their fertility journey’s as well as working with Infertility Network UK who offer nationwide support groups. Both women highlight the importance of using these groups and whilst I didn’t go to a group during my treatment I was in regular contact with a very dear friend who had also had treatment and she really was a godsend.

The constant waiting can really do your head in and it can be such a blessing talking it through with someone who gets it! I might sound like I’m stating the obvious, but I would put my money on there being as many people going through fertility treatment in silence, as there are tweeting about their progress. Just know you’re not alone with all this – that is why there are more and more of us tweeting, blog, podcast about how it feels to go through fertility treatment, because we know how it feels. 

Spread the word, don’t suffer in silence 

fertility poddy x