Trying to have a baby? Have you tested your sperm. Sounds obvious, yet it doesn’t happen until a couple trying to conceive feel like it’s not working and go to their doctor. Generally speaking a sperm test can take ages to happen on the NHS, and often the woman will also start having test which can be invasive. How about getting as much information as you can before you have to go to the doctor? Would you consider doing a test at home? It seems that there is still a real issue of denial in Men, despite 50% of infertility issues being due to the male factor. This podcast intends to make you realise that the sperm test is as important as all the other ones.

My first guest is Professor Sheena Lewis from Sperm Comet a test which looks at the DNA damage within sperm.

Prof Sheena Lewis photograph

Professor Sheena Lewis

Sperm Comet offer a lot of information on it’s site in relation to issues affecting your success in starting a family and Sheena explains how effective testing sperm DNA is regarding specific issues such as miscarriage  putting the emphasis on the sperm not just the egg. We also discussed the Sperm Comet Fit for Fatherhood focus that Sperm Comet have.

I also spoke to Jim Gardner who is the UK distributor of Sperm Check  which is a home test, available over the counter at Boots on online at (in the UK) however it is available worldwide.Jim had previously given The Fertility Podcast some of his tests which you can get if you go to twitter and follow The Fertility Podcast  also if you give me a retweet  with #TESTYOURSPERM I will put your details in the prize draw. THIS DRAW IS NOW CLOSED.

You can also follow Sperm Comet on twitter  and also Sperm Check

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