Home Secretary Theresa May spoke out about her infertility after Andrea Leadsom’s thoughtless comments

I was at the Salvation Army earlier this week at a toddler group, letting my 16 month run riot. Inevitably I got chatting with another Mum and as our chats went on, she asked me about number 2.

I found myself quite quickly explaining how we’d had fertility treatment and how number 2 wasn’t quite so straight forward. I’m not sure how much she understood in what I was saying, but she didn’t seem phased by my admission at all. Maybe I shared it with her so freely (much to my surprise) or maybe she has heard it many times from friends.

But I found myself taken a back at how easily I had spoken about my family planning to a stranger. This might sound weird seeing as I make this podcast about my experience. I guess I just was proud of myself for not holding back in the ‘real’  world.  I’m writing this on day somewhat tainted by the insensitive comments made by Andrea Leadsom and in the afterglow of Theresa May having to speak out about not having a family and describing how her and her and husband Philip May had to “accept the hand they were dealt” and found comfort in their happy marriage when they were given the devastating blow.

Once again it highlights how far we as a society are when it comes to understanding how hard dealing with infertility is. I know there were shockwaves throughout the infertility world from those just in disbelief at how crass  someone could be. As a lovely colleague Kate Brian commented in her blog on the subject – if you too were shocked by Andrea’s comments you’re not alone and if it gives you more strength to speak out about what you have been through then seize it.