Meet Kristen, she’s a lovely lady who left me a message via my website ( which you can too)  and in this episode you’ll hear her share her story of her and her husband’s journey to starting a family, which hasn’t been in any way straight forward. Kristen’s husband was diagnosed with azoospermia andthe pair have been trying for over four years . You get to hear Kristen share her feelings on her husband’s diagnosis and where they are now.  Kristen has just started blogging, so if you’d like to fin out more about her check out her blog 

Garry Paton is the producer of The Crossing, which is out in October. Below is a scene from the film  – meet Terry before his relationship falls apart! Follow the films progress on twitter here 

Terry and Kesh.jpg


Dr Esmee Hanna, from the Centre for Reproductive Health talked about the research she had done looking at men’s use of online forums. You can access the paper here .  There is also a third paper which also looks at what they have discovered about male infertility which you can read here 

You can follow Esmee on twitter 

And finally, I mentioned the Share Something Amazing campaign that launched in the UK yesterday (Sept 1st 2016), have a look and i’ll try and get them on here at a later date.