NO! I still don’t  think WE know enough about male infertility!

Meet @ManInfertile my latest twitter connection, my pal in tweetsville. You’ll hear in this episode our chat about ICSI in what I can only describe as a very honest account of one man’s fertility journey and his realisation of how much we don’t know. We spoke about a week ago, and i refer to this article in The Guardian which was tweeted by @AccessFertility who I’ve been working with and will launch my season of clinic visits with Access, on Monday 9th May

Later this week I’ll share a chat I’ve just had with Jessica Hepburn, a friend to the podcast and now a friend in reality as we’ve just met. I’ve interviewed Jessica twice already for this podcast (listen to her talk about swimming the English channel!!) and I think she’s a remarkable lady.

Jessica is curating Fertility Fest 2016, in which leading experts will share a space with artists who have used their #infertility struggles for their latest material. Jessica has a session on The Male Experience which i’m really privileged to be chairing the panel discussion for. 


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