Day two of National Fertility Awareness Week and my next episode for the week is a chat with Ash Caroll-Miller, the CEO of Access Fertility. Did you know you could get a payment plan when going private for your fertility treatment? I was very interested to find out more about how Access Fertility work, why they work on a 3 cycle basis and also how come they offer you, your money back, if the treatment doesn’t work.

Ash Caroll Miller, CEO, Access Fertility

Ash Caroll Miller, CEO, Access Fertility

About my guest: 

Ash Carroll-Miller, is the founder & CEO of Access Fertility which is the first and only company to partner with clinics across the UK to help you have a baby while reducing your financial risk. Access Fertility fixes the cost of treatment, reduces overall costs and provides a 70% refund to unsuccessful patientsIn

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How you can work with Access Fertility
  • How they run their payment plans for 3 cycles
  • How they choose the clinics they work with
  • The criteria for 70% refund if treatment doesn’t work
  • Working alongside IN_UK

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