Twitter has a remarkable community of people sharing their infertility stories and there are numerous twitter handles stating people’s journey’s. I am constantly overwhelmed at how proactive people are encouraging and supporting each other and I try to speak to people in this podcast to give their tweets a voice. Today’s guest is currently going through treatment and fingers crossed it will work and the image below, which she bought as a card for her husband will make its way out of the draw.



About my Guest:

@bloginfertility is a 36 year old Londoner who is doing battle with secondary infertility whilst being not quite ready to come out of the infertility closet. Having been trying to conceive for 8 years with numerous BFN’s (big fat negatives) under her belt, she recently embarked on a 3 cycle mild IVF package in the hope that this will provide the baby making magic she’s after. Oh and as a bibliophile she’s is also trying to read her way out of the situation.

What you will learn in this podcast: 

  • How to use a blog to help deal with your infertility journey
  • Asking questions about various treatment
  • Trying 3 mild cycles of IVF to produce less eggs but better quality ones
  • The importantace of gaining  further insight into the world of IVF from reading books
  • Planning for the long haul

Best tip:  Don’t set unrealistic targets and expectations

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