Did you know, Poor sperm doesn’t have to lead straight to fertility treatment.

Instead it could result in intervention. which could improve your mobility, motility and although it might not mean you can can pregnant naturally,  it could mean your fertility treatment works sooner rather than on a repeat cycle.

Me, Rich and Phoenix

Can you believe that this isn’t common knowledge. I couldn’t, which is why this podcast episode is really important to me.

Firstly it introduces my husband, Rich. My partner in crime, my baby Daddy. The man who was dealt with a massive blow when he was told there was an issue with his sperm count and it meant we needed fertility treatment.

Rich hasn’t really spoken to anyone about this, apart from me so I am so proud of him for agreeing to get involved with this episode.

As you will hear Rich and I went to meet Urologist Jonathan Ramsay and had a fascinating chat about our situation – which was one successful round of ICSI treatment.

Jonathan Ramsay

The conversation took on it’s own flow with Jonathan and Rich talking about our experience and Jonathan gives his frank expert opinion on the treatment of men suffering from infertility.

He believes there really needs to be a multi-discipline approach early in a couples attempts to get pregnant, when it’s not happening naturally and there could be a male fertility issue. He wants for it to be much more common practice for men to have access to Urologists and Andrologists.

I am intending to continue to look into this and provide you with more information and I’d really like to hear from you if you have had any experienced of intervention.

If you would like to speak with Jonathan please email me natalie@thefertilitypodcast.com and I will put you in touch with him, or if have anything you would like to comment about this episode, it would be amazing to hear from you as always. 

Take Care and until the next time

Natalie x