We were camping at the weekend, with our NCT pals which was a really lovely and special weekend. We’ve been lucky that we met a group of people that we chose to continue being pals with. Hopefully we’ll have an annual trip as it would be so cute if the little ones stayed in touch. We’re moving away from the group at the end of September, so it was a little bit sad to be honest as I’ll miss the unspoken bond we all have.

 Thistledown Farm, a special place

Thistledown Farm, a special place

Whilst we were there, one of the girls in the group told us she was expecting number two, which was wonderful news however I was somewhat taken aback by my own reaction as I got upset. Yes, we’d had a few drinks and I’d just finished my period so there were hormones, however I caught myself and my other half by surprise.  If you’ve listened to my latest podcast you’ll know it was about dealing with miscarriage, something that this friend went through before their little boy was born, and I almost told her about the episode as we’ve spoken before.. thank goodness I didn’t as she lost her first at 17 weeks!!

I knew it was inevitable that this stage would come with these friends. Since having Phoenix I’ve seen several of the Mum’s I’ve met along the way who are already expecting number two.

The thing is when you’ve had fertility treatment and been successful, if you want another baby, which we do, thinking about number two isn’t straight forward which is hard to deal with.

Yes, you hear stories of miracles happening to people who go on to conceive naturally. It happened to my best friend. However, whilst I am an optimist, I’m not convinced we’ll be that fortunate.  So our next step is to use our frosties.I know I’ve written about this before and had some lovely feedback telling me not to feel guilty. I know how fortunate we are to have a beautiful little boy, I just felt the urge to share this wave of emotion as maybe you’ve felt the same.

I’m wishing so much we could just ‘fall’ pregnant, and I guess what I’m trying to convey is that belief never seems to go away, despite what we’ve been through. I’m always keen to hear how you felt after successful fertility treatment, regarding continuing to grow your family. If you’re happy to share your thoughts, just comment below or email natalie@thefertilitypodcast.com

Ta ta for now