Fertility Network UK is launching it’s More to Life Webinar series for people whoa re childless not by choice and I wanted to speak to Cat Strawbridge from the organisation about what we can expect.

I feel this image suits the infertility journey we find ourselves on. Not knowing how long it will be, where it will take us.

Fertility Network is the UK’s fertility support charity who do amazing work and their More to Life support group can be found on facebook here  Cat explained the different experts who were going to be talking you through how to deal with this decision to stop trying to have a family, how you cope, what you can expect from your life.  The first webinar is with one of my previous guests Andreia Trigo and you can hear her story here

Emily Hodge will also be a guest on the series and I spoke to Emily about her work as a coach and her own fertility journey as she had to preserve her eggs after a cancer diagnosis. Other episodes include There will also be experts such as Rosalind Bub talking about ‘Living a Peaceful life’ and EFT or tapping as a therapy. Also Deborah Sloane, talking about writing therapy and ways to deal with your grief and sense of loss. 

I know from the many bloggers I speak to on this podcast, how beneficial people find writing, so that will be a fascinating listen.  You can access the webinar series here and Cat also mentioned a February Meet Up  in London  To find out more and contact Cat directly her email is cat@fertilitynetworkuk.orgis

I also mentioned Emily Philips who has a new book ‘Trying’ coming out about her infertility journey. You can follow her on twitter . Plus IVF Babble and their brilliant #ivfstrongertogether. Do also listen to my previous episode with Sophie Sulehria 

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