My latest guest Melanie Brown is a Nutrionist who specialises in helping people to prepare for pregnancy, be it natural conception, or through an assisted reproduction cycle. I had a fascinating chat with Mel who is finishing a Master’s Degree and as part of it, wants to focus on male fertility issues. 

Mel spoke about how she feels Men are being ignored when it comes to teh attention given to their fertility.Saying that she felt there “has probably been more research done on bull and stallion sperm than human sperm

Meet Yuvraj , the bull in question whose sperm is worth so much to its owner that Yuvraj is massaged, has his own playlist and treated to such a lavish diet that is costs £21 per day to give him his two daily meals!

Yuvraj the Bull

Mel and I spoke about why she feels Men are overlooked when it comes to information about what they can do to improve their sperm health. As part of her Masters, she is looking to work with men who have fertility issues over a 12 week period to see if a diet of lovely sounding things like fresh fruit, veg, pulses, seeds, meat, fish, poultry – you know basically healthy eating, just cutting out all the CRAP.. can help..

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