Jen writes a blog called Hoping TTC

We met online after I saw her tweeting about starting a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) and I wanted her to share her story on her journey to have her first child. You’ll hear Jen shares the sad truths about how she felt the clinic showed a lack of compassion in how her and husband have been treated, how they didn’t explain different scenarios properly to the pair, leaving them extremely anxious at times.

This week is National Fertility Awareness Week in the UK and as always I’m trying to share as much as I can to raise awareness of the issues we are affected by on our journey to start our family. If you want to join in the conversation on twitter there’s a number of hashtags you can use, such as #NFAW #IVFGoldStandard #FertilityFellas and #TalkFertility. If you’ve seen something that you want to share with me, please do.

So, as we hear Jen explaining her journey, she talks about her cycles having to be abandoned, which might be something that has happened before, but not something I’ve heard of. It highlights how essential it is to try and remember to ask questions when you are in front of an expert rather than going home wondering what the outcome might be and spending the time between your next appointment fretting.

I’ve spoken to a wide range of clinicians and fertility nurses and they always highlight how no questions is a stupid one. Also don’t be afraid to challenge your clinic. When Jen was told there was nothing she could do to improve the lining of her uterus, she knew from the Emma Cannon book she was reading that there was lots of changes she cold make to her diet, to at least give her best chances possible of a successful outcome.

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