After 18 days of injections, I was told by my clinic to start the second phase of injections, the uppers as I called them. So my husband and I now came up with famous duo’s for their names. The first pair were Tom and Jerry!

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry

Day three were were in a restaurant, so I used the EMLA  cream. Day six was my first scan at the clinic. Depending on your blood test results before you start for things like your AMH levels, the clinic will decide when they want to see you. Regarding your work,  I don’t think you should have to tell anyone what is actually going on, but tell your boss or someone superior that ‘something’ is going on.  That way they won’t think you are moonlighting or looking for another job as this phase of treatment will mean you will have to leave early or get there late and you don’t need it to stress you out.

All was fine,  I had been given a lower dosage so the clinic could monitor my follicles as I had quite a few and at this visit, my dosage was increased. Day eight was a second scan and the increased scan had worked.

One thing, when using the gonal pens which are similar to what diabetics use. Don’t worry if whilst injecting you aren’t able to give yourself the full amount as it means pen has run out and you need to start a second. I had an unnecessary freak out!

Day 10 – Saturday a third visit to the clinic. I had 8 follicles on one side and 13 on the other, so was told my egg collection should be that coming Wednesday.  A sample of blood was taken and I was to await a call from the clinic to be told to take my trigger ( 36 hours before collection).

I had told my work that there would be a day in the coming week, where I would be off, it’s worth giving them notice. If plans change and you can go in, that’s much better for your employer than just leaving them in the learch. I know some people choose to take the whole time off work, but I wanted to keep my mind active.

I was nearly there.. one vital piece of advise I would offer at this point it to practice meditation and visualisation. If possible using specific IVF meditation which helps you to visualise egg collection and transfer is highly recommended. I’m hoping to share the one I used on here shortly as I feel it played a significant part for me in what happened next.