IVF treatment in Canada is different to the UK as blogger Eva Braveheart explains.


Eva blogs via Soul and Fertility  giving pretty outspoken views on her fertility journey.

From dealing with PCOS to attending infertility support groups Eva takes a nonsense approach to managing her infertility and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, which could be taken as being insensitive.

I think she’s a realist and admire her resilience with what she is going through.

Her decision to be anonymous with her online persona is one I get – having started my podcast in the same way.

Eva explains in our chat how she is currently looking to change jobs and how nervous she is of any potential employee googling her and finding out about her infertility struggles, thus affecting their decision to take her on. I’d not even thought about this.

Have you talked openly at work about fertility treatment and felt you have been treated differently as a result?

You can follow Eva on twitter here. Sadly as I publish this episode, you will see she didn’t get the result she had hoped for from her FET…