Claire Baker (left)

Do you know what Endometriosis is? Can you believe that as many women have it as have diabetes, yet it takes an average of 7.5 years to diagnose.

Meet Claire aka @EndoLady on twitter who I found online sharing her experience of Endometriosis. Claire spoke to me to share her story and struggle to deal with the condition as well as shedding light on the symptoms of Endometriosis. Claire blogs regularly in a really honest and enlightening way and works as a volunteer for Endometriosis UK

Claire and her Hubby

Which leads me onto my second guest, Emma Cox, CEO of Endometriosis UK the leading charity that supports women living with Endometriosis. The organisation works to improve the lives of people affected by endometriosis and to decrease the impact it has on those with the condition and their families and friends.

Emma explains the resources the charity has available such as a helpline and a pain and symptoms diary which they advise to use to track your pain as Endometriosis is cyclical and given that most GP appointments aren’t longer than 10 min, the more information you can be armed with ahead of your appointment, the better. There’s also information on how to get involved with the worldwide Endometriosis March which is taking place on 25th March 2017. You can also follow them on twitter

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