Christmas is challenging for all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons. I was keen to speak to two women Jody Day and Kelly Da Silva about their survival tips for Christmas when you are childless. Both women share their stories and both have great survival hacks. Know you’re not alone, make a note of their facebook groups listed below and make sure you have them on your phone for those moments, over the festive period where someone says something without thinking and you find yourself wanted to run out the door.


Jody Day, Founder Gateway Women

You can follow Jody on twitter here  

Get your hands on her book ‘Living the Life Unexpected’ here  and find out more about the brilliant support offered by Gateway Women here .


Kelly Da Silva, Founder of The Dovecote

You can also have a look at Kelly Da Silva’s  interview on BBC Breakfast below, and join her facebook group here  and find out more about the Dovecote here 

And here’s Kelly on Twitter

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