Have you heard of Adenomyosis?

Dr Vamsee Thalluri

No nor had I until Dr Vamsee got in touch to talk to me about Adenomyosis whic his  is a condition that affects 1 in 5 women.

Dr Vamsee published the first ever paper that showed this impact back in 2012 and is keen to talk more about this condition as his findings have shown that women with this condition can have their pregnancy rates reduced by 50%.

This is a huge huge factor in implantation failure and unfortunately many Doctors STILL don’t test for it.

So women are having to undergo IVF cycle after cycle without any cause found for why they are not falling pregnant.

Dr Vamsee talks about how Adenomyosis presents itself with symptoms similar to Endometriosis such as painful heavy periods. He also explains how it can be detected with an ultrasound or MRI scan.

This is relevant mainly to women who have had several failed emrbyo transfers, when the embryos have been good quality and it’s really work raising it with your specialist.

Here’s some links from Dr Vamsee for you to have a look at and you can also see an abstract of his paper here :

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