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I absolutely loved your second guest on the podcast. Every single word
of your interview rang truths with me, I just wanted to keep shouting
yes yes yes!! The midwife totally got it. After concieving through
second second of ivf after 4 losses, my anxieties have been through the
roof and if I’m honest my midwife booking in appointment was so
procedural and I had so many questions and queries, the kind you run
past your ivf nurses with ease and just felt really disappointed and
dispondant as left. How can we spread the word ‘up north?!


Thanks for doing this podcast. I found it really interesting. My partner
and I are trying (10months now) and I’m 35 so we need to get a wriggle
on! Dr keeps saying “don’t exercise too much” but can never tell me what
that means, we are both fairly active. So this podcast was right up my


I think its amazing that you are here to help people that are going
through what you did. Sometimes all you need is someone else who



Just wanted to thank you for your episode on adenomyosis.I have stage
4 endometriosis and am having surgery with the hope of achieving a
pregnancy in the near future.I had no idea that 80% of women with
severe endo will also have adenomyosis. I have always had painful
periods so this is something I can take back to discuss with the
consultant.Thanks again, trying to get to grips with my endo has been
such a lonely experience and listening to your podcast on the train in
the morning makes me feel less alone and hopeless.


What a wonderful podcast you’ve produced! You’ve featured some amazing
topics. I’m sure your following is very grateful for your work and the
support you offer the fertility community.


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