Meet Cat, Cat and I met when we were both living in St Albans and were part of a group of female entrepreneurs. We’ve kept in touch on facebook and have spoken a few times over the last couple of years. Cat reached out to me about her fertility journey which turned out to be much harder than her and her husband had imagined and I wanted to bring her onto the podcast.

Cat shares her journey through fertility treatment and recurrent miscarriage and how she reached some really low points which knocked her confidence somewhat.  Both Cat and her husband have given themselves some ‘time off’ from their efforts to try and start a family as they are looking to find happiness in themselves beforehand having had such a sad time over the last few years. She’s now found a new focus and has set up a personal styling business Your Wardrobe Edit  working with women and men to help them re find their confidence in what they choose to wear each day.. Cat has a background in fashion and is the go-to person for all her friends and family when it comes to asking for help with an outfit for a ‘do’..

I love what she’s doing and think you will to, so Cat is offering listeners to The Fertility Podcast 20% discount on her services, if you quote the podcast when you contact her.

You can contact Cat here