Having just launched this site and blog over the last three months, it seems like the timing couldn’t be better as one of my close friends is going through IVF treatment. We’ve been talking regularly and I’ve even had my journal out that I kept during my own treatment to tell her what I was thinking and feeling on the different days.

As I”ve been speaking to more and more people about their fertility journey’s I’m learning just how different we are when it comes to how we react to the treatment, both physically and mentally –  which is why I do think it’s so important to talk. Whether it’s a friend who you know has been through it or it’s via one of the many support networks available through Infertility Network UK  it’s so important that you don’t bottle things up. A positive mindset is essential when trying to conceive whether naturally or through fertility treatment.  However this is easier said than done.

If you’re struggling right now and feeling alone in what you are going through do have a listen to the episodes I’ve released so far of  The Fertility Podcast.  You’ll hear expert views on the importance of support and how you can access it. Coming up are real stories from men and women about their journey’s so please don’t feel like there’s nobody else going through what you are and have a listen.  thttp://www.thefertilitypodcast.com/category/podcast/

Talk to someone Pic: Mentalhealthorg.uk

Talk to someone Pic: Mentalhealthorg.uk


I caught up with my friend earlier on facebook as we were both at work and her treatment isn’t quite going to plan. When you start IVF it’s pretty overwhelming when you’re talked through all the drugs you will be taking and what will be happening in your body.. then you start the process and you can read earlier blog I wrote about starting the treatment . It’s only natural that once you start you assume it will all go as explained. It’s enough to deal with the daily doses and getting on with everyday lift, so when you’re then told one part of the treatment hasn’t worked you are bound to panic.

My friend is seeing a consultant today and all I can do is offer my support to her today and I did encourage her to ask as many questions as she felt she needed too. Don’t at any point feel you should know the answer as you shouldn’t, so ask away.

If you are on a journey with your fertility and would like to talk about it on The Fertility Podcast, do let me know. You can email stories@thefertilitypodcast.com

Do have a listen to episodes 1-4 which are in the podcast section, I’m about to launch episodes 5 and 6, which include great chats with Kate Brian and Jessica Hepburn  and I welcome your feedback.

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