Kathryn Orme writes a blog called Strength through Infertility

In our chat we talk on the difficult journey Kathryn has been on with her mental health, the impact of her infertility from failed cycles of fertility treatment. How they caused her such sadness, so isolated and like an ‘utter failure’. Kathryn felt she was the problem, causing the treatment not to work and really struggled to cope. She was working in a high powered job, managing people all around the country and gradually retreating more and more from everyday life.

Kathryn turned down offers of counselling, despite suffering with stress, depression and anxiety. At one point after seeing her GP, she was signed off work for a few weeks. She decided to seek out counselling and was told there was a six month wait on the NHS. Knowing she needed to take action Kathryn found a counsellor specialising in infertility via the BICA website 

This proved to be her lifeline and along with ongoing counselling and acupuncture, Kathryn has developed coping mechanisms to move forward with her treatment and her ability to cope with what her future may hold. With a child or without one.

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