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The items on this page have been selected by my friends Dr Fertility who have created their store to offer you fertility products and tools to help maximise your chances of getting pregnant. The pair of lovely ladies strive to inform you fully, by explaining the background behind them, and key benefits of them, as well as step by step videos on how to and when to use them. You can find out more at



Mosie’s creators Marc and Maureen have been a guest on my podcast and
you can hear our latest chat here: I think
it’s a great product so wanted to give you access to it.

Mosie is an MD endorsed,patent pending insemination syringe designed for women by women specifically for home insemination. When intercourse is either not working or simply not an option Mosie is a simple, affordable, proven alternative to try before IUI, IVF and other more costly,invasive procedures.

You can buy Mosie Kits direct from their site by clicking here.