I’ve just caught up with the BBC 1 documentary ‘Fertility and Me’ which see The One Show host, Alex Jones explore her own fertility. It was an interesting insight as everything on fertility is, to the issues affecting many people’s perceptions about their own fertility – both men and women. I was pleased to see that Alex Oxford Fertility, which is my latest clinic visit I am sharing with you. It is situated within the Institute of Reproductive Science in Oxford and is particularly unique as when you walk into the reception you can see right into the lab, which I’ve never seen before. It was a bit like to going to a fancy restaurant and sitting facing the kitchen. 



I met with Dr Radha Venkatakrishnan, consultant gynaecologist, Dr Karen Turner, Consultant embryologist and Lab Manager and Nurse Manager Nikki Turner and I was given a guided tour by Anne Francis.

A bit about me, if this is your first listen and viewing of The Fertility Podcast, I’m Natalie your host and I had successful treatment in 2014. You can read more about me here. For now all you need to know, is I’ve been working with Access Fertility  who work with clinics around the UK, offering finance plans for you if you have to self fund your treatment. What I am doing is giving you an insight in the clinic, as someone who has been through treatment, to hopefully help you with your decision. Finding out you need to have fertility treatment is massive, it’s overwhelming. So when it comes to choosing a clinic it can feel like another stress, will it be the best place for you? The HFEA have just relaunched their website ( in beta version) which you can view here  that’s what we did. If there had a been a podcast about the different clinics and what they are like, when we had to choose I would definitely have listened to it. The world of fertility is fascinating and the people in it are truly remarkable.  I hope you find this clinic visit useful and as interesting as I did.

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