Having just finished a season of UK fertility clinic visits with Access Fertility who were sponsoring the ‘tour’, which saw me wearing scrubs for the first time and getting to go inside a lab…I wanted to let you know what was going to be happening next on The Fertility Podcast.


Me at Boston Place clinic about to go in a lab

 I’ve been out and about a lot visiting clinics and having meetings for the podcast. Yesterday, however we had a day out to the Dunstable Downs kite festival. Now, you wouldn’t think by looking at the sky in the picture at the top, that is was taken on 31st July! It was a pretty cloudy day, but I also don’t think I’ve got the hang of my new camera app either. Still, I wanted to share this snap from a kite festival as my husband and I were somewhat amused to see a line of sperm flying high in the sky.

So, how are you? I hope my post finds you well as we enter into mid summer in the UK and await another heatwave. The last one happened whilst I was out of the country of course! This episode of my podcast is just to update you on what’s going on in the podcast and hopefully get you in the mood to get in touch.

I’ve been having some exciting chats with folk I met at Fertility Fest as well as chatting with the HFEA to keep my podcast growing and I’m asking for your support too.

Over the next month, I’m really aiming to engage more with you, my lovely listener. If you follow me on twitter, do say Hi, if you’d like to sign up to my newsletter just leave your details in the box below and I PROMISE to start getting better at keeping in touch.

My podcast is for you, to help, in what is one of the most testing times of your life

I hope it does.

Bye for now

Natalie x

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