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Welcome to my season of clinic visits, working with Access Fertility. First up, I’d like to introduce Manchester Fertility, based in Cheadle and the first destination on my clinic tour.

In this episode you’ll hear me chatting with Rita Dixon, Patient Co-ordinator, Dr David Polson, Medical Director and Dr Debbie Falconer, Lead Embryologist and Director at the clinic. Manchester Fertility is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year and is one of the few clinics in the UK to have its own egg and sperm donors, with no waiting lists for any of their treatments, and their consistent success rates are amongst the best in the UK.

I want to let the podcast speak for itself, however to give you a quick overview of what you’ll hear I set out to give you a really clear insight into what it would be like choosing this clinic for your treatment. If you don’t know anything about me – i’m Natalie and I host The Fertility Podcast which I created in September 2014, once pregnant with my first child having had fertility treatment. I’m not an expert in fertility  – my background is in radio (hence making podcasts) so I’ve combined my life experience with my work experience to put a voice out there for infertility issues.

Finding out you need to have fertility treatment is massive, it’s overwhelming. So when it comes to choosing a clinic it can feel like another stress, will it be the best place for you. Of course you can look at the HFEA website for success rates  – that’s what we did. If there had been a podcast about the different clinics when I was choosing I would have definitely listened to it. The world of fertility is fascinating and the people in it are truly remarkable and I hope you find my chats with these experts as interesting as I did.


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