Sperm health is regularly in the press, including the suggestion of all men over 18, freezing their sperm! A man who knows what he’s talking about and a former podcast guest  is Professor Allan Pacey, his specialism is male infertility. I was keen to get his thoughts on research out this week for National Fertility Awareness week  on men’s awareness of issues affecting their fertility.  If you are going to The Fertility Show this week you will get the chance to hear Allan speak and he’s pretty matter of fact when it comes to delivering the fact.  Have a listen to my previous chat here Season 1. I

Pic: Dr Allan Pacey Credit: Justin Tallis, University of Sheffield

Pic: Professor Allan Pacey Credit: Justin Tallis, University of Sheffield


Items mentioned in this podcast:

  • Allan explains there is good evidence to show the older men are the less fertile they are due to molecular changes in their sperm, after Nuffield Health, release a study of 2000 men showed 49% weren’t aware of this
  • Nuffield states 1 in 3 men didn’t realise that alcohol decreases your sperm – Allan has done extensive research on the affect so of alcohol and explains why he thinks this is a misleading fact
  • Does your diet affect your sperm – such as eating nuts or organic fruit and veg?
  • Does using sunscreen affect your sperm?
  • How spermatic injections could help sterile men  – see Guardian article

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