Google IVF and its likely Louise Brown, the first IVF baby, the miracle baby will appear somewhere in your search. Louise has written her story ‘My life as the world’s first test tube baby’ and we had a good chat about her journey, what the spot light has been like and her obsession with Mark Owen.

Items you’ll learn in this podcast: 

  • What Louise thinks it would be like for the first IVF baby today?
  • Whether she feels it is important to tell you baby, how they were made?
  • That she was ‘really wanted’ so it didn’t matter she was conceived using IVF
  •  The parties she’s been to and had thrown especially for her 30th in Brazil
  • The effects of Louise and her Mum’s visit to Bulgaria on IVF funding
  • How much information her Mum kept to help make the book

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