How men deal with involuntary childlessness with my guest in this episode, Dr Robin Hadley. Robin’s research has explored the experience of involuntarily childless older men and following my chat with Jody Day and Kelly Da Silva talking about Childlessness at Christmas I was keen to get Robin’s perspective on how men deal with both! He discusses some fascinating issues that affect childless men from social care to ageism and I hope you find out chat as though provoking as I did. 


You can read more about Robin’s work and his reasons for doing it,  part due to his own sense of ‘broodiness’ and wish to become a father and other press articles about him via his website.  You can also read an exert from one of his paper’s Involuntary Childless Men and the desire for fatherhood 

He shares details of support groups such as:

You can also follow Robin on twitter 

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