If you’ve been listening to The Fertility Podcast every two weeks since I launched it in September 2104, I must firstly thank you and secondly apologise as this week’s episode is delayed. With the best will in the world I intended to have it ready however I am now eight days overdue awaiting for our baby’s arrival and my mind is definitely no longer in the right place to be working.The Fertility Podcast

Yes, i’m keeping busy and active (despite being a weeble!) however the comfort issue of bouncing on a ball or sitting on a chair whilst editing just isn’t working for me, so it’s a case of watch this space for Episode 14. Please do sign up for my newsletter and then I can let you know when our new arrival is here. The wonderful result of fertility treatment and the inspiration for this blog and podcast is happy to have us wait before making its entrance into this world of ours!

The Fertility Podcast


In the absence of my latest podcast, if you are keen to find out more about issues affecting your fertility, or you are looking for support and advice during your journey to have treatment – I highly recommend you have a look at this link to the biggest online fertility event, starting on Sunday 8th March. Fertility Focus Telesummit ~ The Power of Your Fertile Mindset has a range of brilliant speakers including several of my previous guests Dr Marilynne Glenville and Sarah Holland  and Naomi Woolfson who is in the very next episode. The week-long Telesummit will feature a panel of fertility experts speaking about diverse and ground breaking approaches to support your fertility. Over 20,000 women and couples have been supported by the Fertility Focus Telesummit and I’d love you to join them! So click here to get registered.

As for me,  I’m to be induced on Sunday so the inevitable is happening. If you’ve just found out your expecting, massive congrats – the waiting that you’ve experienced through all the different stages of your treatment has put you in good stead for different stages of your pregnancy, especially if you’re overdue. If you’re going through fertility treatment or just investigating your options, do subscribe to the podcast and have a listen as there’s some great advice from Episode 2 to 13.

If you’ve got a story to share and would like to feature on future episodes of the podcast, please email stories@thefertilitypodcast.com and I’ll be in touch.

So for now – take care

Fertility Poddy xx