The Period Whisperer more commonly know to her friends as Rachel Eyre,  has a number of innovative titles she goes by on her website The Healthy Womb.

Rachel Eyre, Founder of The Healthy Womb

Known as the Period Whisperer amongst friends, Rachel works to educate women about ways  to understand their menstrual cycle, something I admit I didn’t really get until I was trying to conceive.

I found Rachel really fascinating to chat to, she really knows her stuff and explains it so easily.

Sometimes I have been guilty of drifting off when trying to get my head around the complicated goings on within our bodies – however Rachel has earned her title for sure and I can see why her blogs and you tube channel is gaining popularity.

We spoke in a fair bit of detail about how mission to help women understand that they don’t have to endure painful periods each month. Rachel works via Skype as well as face to face and explained in our chat how taking simple measures can make a massive difference to how you’re feeling. Whether you are just starting out trying to get pregnant, or have already embarked on fertility treatment.

We discussed how diet affects your period, and how tampons can cause pain. We also spoke about massage and how men can get involved. From explaining how a painful period is your body trying to tell you something, Rachel talked me through benefits of menstrual cups and fabric pads and how the colour of your period is also an indicator of your wellbeing.

From her own struggle with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) Rachel became  more and more compelled to research how to overcome period pain with more holistic methods, especially as she wasn’t getting the support she needed from Western medicine. From Endometriosis and PMS  as well as many other menstrual concerns Rachel offers brilliant advice with via her website The Healthy Womb, she also speaks on a podcast and has a you tube channel, humorously called Womb Tube. 

You can follow Rachel on twitter here and join her facebook group here