STAND BY for an episode a day of The Fertility Podcast during this year’s National Fertility Awareness week #NFAWUK.  This time last year I was 5 months pregnant with my son, having had successful fertility treatment and was a little late learning about the week and all it involves. But this year I’m prepared!!

Over the following week each day I’ll be sharing one of my lovingly prepared interviews from Fertility experts as well as people with tell their own fertility journey. If you have just found yourself on a ‘fertility’ journey in your desire to start a family and have found this podcast.. welcome and I hope it helps, if you’ve been listening for a while I always welcome your feedback, so do sign up or comment below.

It’s been a pretty amazing year for The Fertility Podcast, having been through fertility treatment last year, I launched in September 2014, then March 2015 my son arrived – so of course he has been having my undivided attention. However at almost 8 months he’s eating solids and nearly crawling so whilst I have a few weeks before I can, I wanted to get this podcast making more noise!! It seems The Fertility podcast has listeners all over the world from Australia to Sweden and my new season has seen my talking to people outside the UK so wherever you are listening, do get in touch as it would be great to speak to you.



You can have a listen to my interview with Kara Myhill the campaign manager for #NFAWUK  and if you want to make sure you hear the rest of the season for the rest of this week Sign up – there’s 3 BIG FAT buttons on the right hand side of this blog where you can listen to the podcast.

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