When we were told we needed fertility treatment, we just went ahead. Yes, we were incredibly lucky that we were eligible for NHS funding, but it NEVER occurred to me to wait and look into our situation further. Since making this podcast, I’m learning more about natural fertility methods and also hearing stories from people who are choosing to investigate things further themselves, one being a lady I met on twitter who goes by @fertilityroi so we spoke about her story.. One of the main questions she wants to ask if have you been told you have a low ovarian reserve and how does it make you feel? Check out her blog here 

As always, I love how the universe somehow steers me and whilst preparing this episode I was contacted by a lady called Gloria Halim and her company Rockon Divas is running a natural fertility retreat at the end of this month in Essex. Gloria explains the work she does in this episode and has very generously given a discount on the few remaining places.


Gloria Halim

If you’d like to visit her retreat on 28th -29th April 2016 in Essex, click on this link and it will take you through to the discount available. I’d love to hear from you if you go, so please email me and tell me

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