Episode 103 takes you on a journey from getting pregnant to how you then feel.

I wasn’t sure whether to combine these two chats, but I hope you agree it works, as I wanted to touch base with Maureen Brown from Mosie Baby. It’s been a year since Maureen and her hubby Marc launched Mosie baby

Maureen Brown, Mosie Baby

You can hear a previous chat with Maureen and Marc, which I did when they first launched and you can follow them on twitter here  and hear all about the process they went through to get the product to market. Maureen had her second child using Mosie, so has absolute proof of it’s success. They are now shipping around the world. If you’d like to buy Mosie, here’s all the info you need 

Katie Eaves is my second guest. Katie is a midwife and having gone through fertility treatment, almost quit her career, however she came back to it with a new approach and mission – to educate midwives and others in maternity services in how to deal with women pregnant after infertility.

We had a fascinating chat about the importance of being understood once you’re pregnant especially if it’s likely to be the only time you are. Katie hold workshops to educate those working with ladies giving them advice on the correct language to use, things to consider and is doing a great job.

Katie Eaves, midwife

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