Leyla Hutchings, Treasurer Surrogacy UK

Today I’m off to meet the Surrogacy UK family, I don’t want that to sound to naff, but I think it’s fitting from my experience of them so far.  From the wonderful way synchronicity works, an old school friend of mine contacted me after she had heard about my podcast from the lovely Jessica Hepburn. Leyla and I hadn’t spoken for many years but it was so great to reconnect and we’re now working together.

Leyla and her husband needed to work with a surrogate to start her family and now have a little boy called Zeki.  Leyla is now working with the organisation Surrogacy UK which is where I come in.

We’re working together to create a series of podcasts helping you understand what Surrogacy entails. There are all sorts of myths about it and issues concerning legalities and mixed perceptions about what is involved. All of this will be explained in my upcoming series for Surrogacy UK.

I’m really looking forward to meeting Surrogates who I think are amazing people for doing what they do and I can’t wait to share my podcasts with you.

So if you know someone who might be thinking about working with a surrogate be sure to get them to sign up.

Ta ta for now

Natalie x