Happy New Year, I hope that you had a good festive period and you’re looking forward to 2016. If you’ve just discovered this podcast a very warm welcome and I really hope you find it useful wherever you are at in your fertility journey. Do have a listen back to previous episodes and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any upcoming ones. So one of the main questions when thinking about treatment is how do you decide which fertility clinic to go to? This is one I hope to answer for 2016.

I’m really chuffed to start the new year with my first ever sponsor on board. I launched this podcast in September 2014, whilst pregnant with my first child, after successful IVF. My motivation to launch it was to use my background in broadcasting to give a voice to a subject that seemed to me to be hush hush…

All I had hoped for was to offer some useful information to people in the same boat as I was, needing to have fertility treatment to start or continue a family. I’m delighted to say the podcast has had over 14,000 downloads with listeners all over the globe – so I thank you for you support.

2016 brings all sorts of opportunities for this podcast, including working with sponsors, as to date The Fertility Podcast has been produced and researched by me, with no external support. So I’m delighted to share with you that I am going to be working with Access Fertility  who help you with your fertility treatment by offering a payment plan, if you are self funding, to take part of the stress away from any hidden costs.

You can hear more from CEO, Ash Carroll – Miller as I spoke to him during National Fertility Awareness Week about what the company does.

Since I launched this podcast, I’ve not worked directly with any clinics as I was unsure how to start the process, with their being so many. What I will be doing with Access Fertility is visiting all of the clinics who they work with ( of which there are 20) and giving you an insight into what they are like. Also I’ll be speaking to leading medical staff about their services they offer.

The aim is to give you more information that you can find from looking online. You might well choose a clinic after a friend has recommended it, however we all know that often it’s so overwhelming trying to work out which are the best statistics so I aim to give you a friendly tour via The Fertility Podcast. Each episode will hopefully paint a useful picture of what the clinic looks and feels like which I think is really important. You want to feel comfortable, safe and welcome when you embark on fertility treatment, especially as you will be back and forth to wherever you choose to go a fair bit.

IVF treatment

I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on how you choose where you had treatment, or if you are currently choosing what is your criteria. You can either record a message for me by clicking on the button to the right hand side of this post, or you can email me info@thefertilitypodcast.com

Here’s to a great 2016 and lots more episodes.

Bye for now x