My latest episode focuses on managing your internal voice when dealing with 2nd pregnancy announcements from your baby friends. Inevitably it’s hard and stirs up a range of emotions from guilt to anxt mixed with joy for your friend of course.


I found this out last summer when my first NCT pal shared her joyous news whilst we were all camping. They don’t all know about our fertility journey and  I had to take a moment as a wave of emotions stuck me. I was happy for her of course, then filled with questions such as ‘Will it happen for us, will our little boy ever have a sibling? will it happen naturally? ‘ At Christmas time, two more of the group shared that they were also expecting and again I had to deal with my very loud internal voice. So I put something out on twitter which was when Stacey got in touch with me. Stacey shares her story about how she is finding the announcements from her friends as they have baby number two and three and how she is now finding her three year old has started asking if she is going to have a sister or a brother. It’s an ongoing journey when you’ve had fertility journey and Stacey and I share a similar feeling of despair as to how to deal with what we are feeling, which is why I wanted to talk to her and share it with you. If you’ve found that you have felt something similar it would be great to hear from you. One thing I’m also dealing with is the constant wondering whether ‘it’ will happen naturally. I was keen to speak with Nicola Salmon who is a colleague of mine and a fertility coach, acupuncturist & naturopath who is running a course from 13th February 2017 on ‘Beating the Overwhelm’ when you are trying to conceive.  I already subscribe to Nicola’s newsletter and am constantly receiving positive notes about my journey. I’m a big fan of what she is doing. 

Hedgehog Courage

In our chat, Nicola explains how she works with women to coach them over a 12 week course. From group to support to one to one advice, this is a great resource for you to access.  I’m sure you’ll agree it can all get so consuming when things are taking longer than you’d hoped. You can find out all about what is on offer as well as how you can get in part in it, you can do so via me just by clicking here 



Find out more about Nicola and what she does at Hedgehog Healing 

You can also follow Stacey my first guest on twitter

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