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Kate Davies: www.yourfertilityjourney.co.uk

Kate Davies, a fertility coach features in the latest episode of The Fertility Podcast has written a guest blog this week. You can find out more information about her work here 

“Fertility coaching is a relatively new approach in the UK, which is becoming more and more popular as women experience the benefit reducing stress and increasing positivity has on their ability to conceive.

 The link between stress and infertility is well documented and research clearly shows the benefits reducing stress and increasing positivity has on IVF success rates.

 My clients find that fertility coaching helps them to achieve a more positive mind-set and brings back that sense of purpose and hope that has often been lost along the way.

 Women often tell me how they feel that they have lost a sense of self, whilst navigating their turbulent fertility journey and that life becomes all consumed by trying to conceive. They often feel as though they’ve lost control of what’s happening to them. Fertility coaching helps to put them firmly back in the driving seat and enables them to feel confident and empowered to take back control.

 Fertility coaching is also about giving women the tools they can call upon to help them through the stormy days along their journey. Many of my clients who are undergoing fertility treatment find the two-week wait the most difficult time emotionally. However, having coaching tools to hand calms the storm and gets them through the more challenging days in one piece.

This weekend I was lucky enough to be exhibiting at the Fertility Show in London. It was a weekend that I had been eagerly anticipating for most of the year. For me personally it’s an opportunity to meet up with friends and colleagues in the field of fertility. However most importantly, it’s a chance to get an insight into what’s new in the field.

Whilst travelling to the event I couldn’t help but wonder what the atmosphere of the weekend would be like. Would it be an emotional, sad and devastating vibe or one of hope, purpose and a thirst for knowledge? Whilst on occasions women and their partners were visibly emotional, the general feeling was one of empowerment and positivity. Women and men had attended to get informed and their desire for knowledge and advice was almost tangible.

This event echo’s the benefits of fertility coaching. Women and their partners attending the Fertility Show, felt empowered and in control. From this, their positivity shone and their renewed feelings of hope and purpose, almost had them leaving with a spring in their step!”

Kate has a free ebook  50 Tips to Boost Your Fertility