Mild IVF treatment means a much shorter cycle. Less drugs, less risk of OHSS.

Professor Geeta Nargund

You would hope that would be the standard offered to women needing fertility treatment.

However it isn’t. In this fascinating chat with Professor Geeta Nargund founder of Create Fertility explains her mission to raise the awareness of fertility education around the world and encourage the use of a milder IVF cycle to prevent the cases of OHSS we still see today.

Create was founded with the ethos of carrying out IVF as naturally as possible, with no drugs or minimum, or as little intervention as possible. 

During our chat, Geeta explains how a mild cycle works, which you can see highlighted in the chat below.


OHSS is a preventable condition it shouldn’t be happening and Geeta explains how she feels so strongly about how if she can save one woman in the world from dying from OHSS she has done her job.

Geeta also explained how she felt that IVF clinics that produce complications where a women ends up in hospital with OHSS or has a multiple birth should be made to pay for those costs,  so the NHS can get that money back and  then use it to offer more treatment.

It will be interesting to see whether this happens. 

This is the article Geeta refers to in The Guardian about sperm health (June 2017)  and this is Geeta writing about fertility education in The Telegraph  ( September 2016 )

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