Hear a round up of the inaugural Fertility Fest 2016 in London, which took place on Saturday 11th June, at The Park Theatre.

I don’t tend to issue a podcast with a disclaimer but I feel I need to explain as I’ve put this podcast together whilst being at my inlaws, after my day at Fertility Fest. So it’s been a bit of a rush job, as I’m meant to be joining in, not working! Also  my inlaws weren’t aware of our fertility treatment, and my spending the day away, whilst my husband was with them with our son, was inevitably going to provoke questions as to what I was up to. Needless to say, over dinner, I explained what I’d been doing and about my podcast – all of which I’d not told them about and ‘we came out’…again… we told the inlaws about our fertility treatment.

Once again, it was tough.. and it highlighted something that was so prominent from my experience yesterday, when you’ve had treatment, it’s with you for life… and that is something else that you need to factor in with the dealing process. You can either embrace it as many do, and in some ways with this podcast, I have… but at the same time, i’ve still not told everyone about it. Our son is 15 months, yet it was still hard talking about it.

As you’ll hear in this podcast, we all struggle to talk about it, even though we know we should do more and Fertility Fest was all about those of us affected by ‘infertility’ in whichever way… talking more, which I think it achieved beautifully.

If I’m honest I’ve not done yesterday justice in my podcast, as it was too big for me to capture on my own.. but I hope it gives you a taste of the community that you are a part of.  I want to say a humongous thank you to Jessica Hepburn for making this happen and for Gareth Farr and Gabby Vautier for their wonderful play which I hope they get to share with the rest of the UK. Everyone if it makes people cry.

Wherever you are in your fertility journey, you need to know… this is your family..

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N xxx

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