FERTILITY FESTIVALI’m very excited, having finally met up with the lovely Jessica Hepburn today – who I have spoken to several times on this podcast and you can hear our chats .  Jessica is curating Fertility Fest 2016, bringing together a remarkable group of people from the arts world along with a whole host of fertility experts to share, discuss and debate and has asked me to be involved.

The event will run in Birmingham on 28th May and London 11th June, showcasing a play called ‘The Quiet House’ at the end of each day. It will give you the opportunity to not only see this ‘fertility’ issue played out from over twenty of the country’s leading writers, visual artists, theatre-makers, film-directors and composers, there will also be some of the country’s foremost fertility experts engaging in discussion and debate on ‘ one of the most important scientific and societal developments of our times’.

I’m really chuffed to be chairing several of the panels on 11th June in London, to not only see what the performances will be like, but to be amongst so many people who share this ‘thing’ that none of us set out to have in our lives… this inability to conceive naturally.

If you decide to go, please tweet me @fertilitypoddy or come and say hi on the day. However you feel about it being a ‘thing’ whether you talk openly about it, or keep it to yourself, then tickets are available for Birmingham here  and London here 

I hope to see you there.

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