Fertility Network UK has been an invaluable resource for me, from the moment I knew we needed to treatment to this very day. When it comes to seeking advice, speaking to brilliantly informed people who working tirelessly as ‘Infertility Warriors’ to help others, Fertility Network is there for you.

As you know Glastonbury has to take a year off at times to fallow the fields, Fertility Fest which launched last year in 2016 is returning with a vengeance in 2018. This was a remarkable event curated by Jessica Hepburn and brought together a wide range of artists from playwrights and poets to graphic novelists sharing their work influenced by their fertility journey. There were lively panel debates and I was delighted to be invited to chair a session and can’t wait until next year.

One of my guests is a lady called Saskia who has set up My Beehive  offering support for you on your fertility journey. Saskia has ‘care pack’s with custom made tea! Love it!



During my fertility treatment I loved using this relaxation roll on from Neals Yard if I was anxious about my injections which I was for a while. To be honest I love pretty much all of their products and highly recommend you getting some lovely pampering supples to make sure you’re kind to yourself during your treatment and in the run up to it.

Whilst trying to conceive I read the following books and in Emma Cannon’s Baby Making Bible, found the best recipe for Babaganoosh that I still make today!


As I was trying to track my cycle my recommended apps were: Glow, MyFertilityFriend and OvuView. I’m now working with OvuSense which is a really unique OPK as it has a medical grade vaginal sensor which has 99% accuracy. You basically wear the sensor whilst you sleep, it’s a bit like a tampon and in the morning wash it and place it next to your phone and the data will be downloaded.