FP8: Interview with Fertility coach Kate Davies, understanding natural fertility methods and Lisa Affield the Fertility yoga expert


Kate Davies Your Fertility Journey

Kate Davies Your Fertility Journey

About the guests:

Kate Davies is a   Fertility practitioner, coach and registered nurse with over 20 year’s experience. She has all the clinical knowledge to really understand your journey, which makes her unique, as the only fertility coach in the UK to have a clinical background and ideally placed to work with couples trying to conceive.  Read Kate’s guest blog for The Fertility Podcast here 

Lisa Affield: www.fertilityyoga.co.uk

Lisa Affield: www.fertilityyoga.co.uk

Lisa Affield is a yoga practitioner, who researched and devised a fertility yoga programme and used it before and during her own fertility treatment to keep her calm and positive throughout. After eight years of trying to conceive.  Having been told that IVF was her only option, Lisa and her husband Steve had three cycles of IVF at Exeter Fertility clinic and finally, at the age of 36, had her first baby, Josephine. After two more IVF cycles, twins, Dexter and Isabelle, were born in April 2011.

Items mentions in this podcast:

  • The link between stress and fertility
  • Loss of a sense of self when trying to conceive
  • Dealing with the ‘two week wait’
  • The lack of men having coaching
  • A closed facebook group offering fertility support
  • The risks of companies such as Apple and Facebook encouraging egg freezing
  • The benefits of using yoga to ease stress before and during IVF

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Research shows that time to conception with fertility knowledge is reduced
  • Lifestyle tweaks can make all the difference into optimising their fertility
  • There are things we can do, to really check your lifestyle and improve fertility
  • Fertility preservation FB and APPLE

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