Jessica Hepburn

Jessica Hepburn

Pic: Kate Brian by Lori Stafford

Pic: Kate Brian by Lori Stafford









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SHOW NOTES EP6:  Unexplained infertility, Kate Brian and Jessica Hepburn

About Guests: 

Kate Brian

Kate Brian is an author and journalist who specialises in fertility. She has written four books, including ‘The Complete Guide to IVF’ and ‘Precious Babies – Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting after Infertility’. Kate is London Representative for Infertility Network UK and Editor of the Journal of Fertility Counselling.

Jessica Hepburn 

Jessica Hepburn is Chief Executive of the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith and also author of the Amazon best-selling book The Pursuit of Motherhood about her own long and heart breaking struggle to have a child. Since publication she has become a high-profile commentator on the subject of infertility and IVF in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. She is a trustee of the national charity Infertility Network UK and a columnist for the leading fertility magazine, Fertility Road. She’s also a regular speaker at events and will be giving a talk at the Fertility Show on 2nd November about how to manage your fertility clinic.


Items mentions in this podcast:

  • Dealing with unexplained infertility
  • Changes in costs over the last 17 years and now around the UK
  • York case study on IVF funding
  • The Fertility Show and how you can get a discount code
  • How to ensure you don’t let fertility treatment become the main focus of your life
  • How long it can take to get NHS funding
  • Age IS a significant factor
  • Fur Friends

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How  unexplained infertility affects 25% of couples who have difficulty conceiving
  • About the work done by the Fertility Fairness campain
  • How much the NHS pays for IVF
  • 3.5 million people at any one one time in the UK are experiencing fertility problems
  • The benefits of support groups
  • 2/3 IVF cycles are not successful
  • 25% of women are entering their 40’s childlress

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