Episode 16: Jessica Hepburn swimming the Channel for INUK

Jessica Hepburn is to swim the English Channel, so The Fertility Podcast had to chat to her once again to find out if she was ready for this epic challenge. Jessica spoke to me previously about her personal journey in  Episode 6 about her relentless fertility journey of 11 rounds of IVF! Jessica works as the Chief Executive of the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith and is also author of the Amazon best-selling book The Pursuit of Motherhood about her own long and heart breaking struggle to have a child. Since publication she has become a high-profile commentator on the subject of infertility and IVF in the media. She is also a trustee of the national charity Infertility Network UK and a columnist for the leading fertility magazine, Fertility Road. Jessica is a regular speaker at events and will be giving a talk at this years Fertility Show. Have a listen to her reasons for doing what she’s doing and I’m sure you’ll be as uplifted and inspired as I was.

Jessica Hepburn

Jessica Hepburn

Items mentioned in this podcast: 

  • Only 2000 people have successfully swam the Channel
  • How Jessica is an advisor for the HFEA 
  • How Jessica is working with INUK to improve levels of emotional support for couples going through Fertility Treatment
  • The importance of making sure the information you are getting on fertility is correct as the internet can be misleading
  • Women DO get pregnant with their own eggs or donor eggs in their 40’s and 50’s
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