SHOWNOTES: FP7 PART 1: Blogger Wanna Be Dad

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About guest:

I found Wanna Be Dad on twitter and have been enthralled  by his blog. He is a 30 something male, writing  honestly and openly about every detail of his  fight to become a father. He says on his About page ‘ From the scheduled sex to my tiny balls; the monthly emotional rollercoaster to dodgy porn and difficult questions. I’ll talk about it all. Even dangling my wife upside down naked, desperatley trying to give the little fella’s as much help as I can.’  This episode is the first of two parts. Episode 7 part 2 will feature Dr Allan Pacey about the research he is doing on Male infertility.

Items mentions in this podcast:

  • What’s involved in men’s tests
  • How to deal with finding out it’s a guys problem
  • Working it through with your partner
  • Not telling your family
  • ICSI

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Infertility is NOT your fault
  • Dr Allan Pacey talks about his lectures this weekend at The Fertility Show 
  • What Men could do to get talking

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