Meet Jenni, a curly haired lovely lady who caught my eye on twitter. Not only because I’m a fellow curly barnet but because she was tweeting about freezing her eggs and making a documentary. Jenni is based in LA and her short film Chill The Documentary is gaining all sorts of accolades in the short film festival circuit in the US. Hopefully we’ll get to see the film this side of the pond. For now, you can hear from Jenni about her decision to document what she had decided, how she decided to freeze her eggs and what happens next…

I’ve had a few conversations with some of my single girlfriends about this. The general feeling is that it’s expensive. However if you have the money why not make sure you have no regrets if you’re worried about your fertile age. I’ve featured it on this podcast before in a chat I had with Tracy Sainsbury from The London Women’s clinic about her work as an IVF counsellor and the advice she has for women wishing to freeze their eggs. Tracey is also involved in an event happening in London next week (24th January 2017)

To find out more about Jenni’s and her work visit her website 

I also spoke with Anya Sizer about an important discussion taking place in Parliament on Thursday 19th January 2016 regarding the post code lottery for Fertility treatment in the UK