www.thefertilitypodcast.comI discovered Emma Cannon, when trying to get pregnant. Before we were aware of needing fertility treatment, I had read Emma’s book The Baby Making Bible  and once we found out we were going to need treatment, Emma’s book Total Fertility was devoured as I was instantly a fan of her relaxed and personable writing style. I was equally chuffed to get to interview Emma in Season 1, which you can listen to here .

During National Fertility Awareness Week, there are plenty of remarkable people doing their best to raise awareness around Fertility issues and this weekend of course it is The Fertility Show in London. At the same time there has been all sorts of negative press coverage about IVF success rates not being great, discussions on national radio about IVF funding cuts and amidst all of it, I got a tweet from Emma about a video she had made albeit a promotional one for her business, but I wanted to share it with you.

I found it really moving and important to show – hence this extra blog!!

Emma says, “My intention is that this film will give hope to those struggling with fertility issues.  I want to get the message out there that fertility is precious and that it is something to be valued and be aware of throughout our lives, not just at the point at which we decide to have children.  After over 20 years working with couples, I believe an integrated approach combining the best medical diagnostics and treatments alongside gentle therapies such as acupuncture, good nutrition and lifestyle support, offers patients the best chance of achieving a healthy pregnancy and baby.”


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