Before I start I have to apologise for the sound quality in this episode. Hopefully it’s an issue now resolved! MOVING ON… quickly…. Meet Emily Hodge, my latest podcast guest. Emily has a story to tell of her fertility journey, having to face cancer as a newly wed and then get her heard around preserving her eggs – i’m not sure she even had time to write her thank you notes! Emily worked in the NHS for 10 years in Health Psychology and now has her own business working as a coach and therapist as well as running workshops and I instantly warmed to her and was so chuffed she got in touch to share her story. I’m putting this episode out just ahead of National Fertility Awareness Week 2016 and this year’s Fertility Show which I covered in my last episode so do have a listen if you’ve missed it. I also mention how I visited a couple of clinics who specialise in fertility preservation. One is the Agora in Hove and the other is Boston Place in Central London. Do have a listen to how they work it is amazing!


Emily Hodge

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