Have you wondered about egg donation and been put off by the sensationalised newspaper articles or just not really understood how it all works? My latest episode hears from an egg donor.  A lovely lady called Amelia who has donated 29 eggs. Amelia shares her story of her husbands cystic fibrosis and her own gynecological problems which meant that a starting a family wasn’t an option for the pair. So Amelia chose to help others start theirs.  She is now crowd funding to help another couple start their family.You can read Amelia’s blog and get a link to her justgiving page here . Amelia is working with Altrui who I have also spoken to in this episode.

You can read Amelia’s blog and get a link to her justgiving page here 

Alison Bagshawe is the founder of Altrui and explained to me how Altrui was set up in 2010 to meet the overwhelming need for egg donors in the UK. Alison believed that couples in the UK needed more practical help when seeking a donor, and that the women who donate eggs deserved to be properly looked after, well-informed and appreciated for what they were doing. There is lots of brilliant information on Altrui’s website which I think if you are interested in becoming a donor or considering using a donor please do go and have a look as it really it beautifully presented.

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